The Power of One

Did you know an estimated 95% of all crime is solved through some form of citizen engagement and involvement?

This statistic is both significant and meaningful.

If we can continue to leverage the compassion, generosity and willingness of others in Jody's case—it gives reason to remain hopeful.

The LeCournu family has had countless offers of help—in many different forms—over the years. Whether it has been from donors, lawyers and various experts in other fields. This involvement, coupled with Jenny's determination and relentless advocacy, can have the POWER to change the course of this case in a positive direction and ever closer to solving.

As Dr. Oz said, all that is often required is the power of ONE—

  • One tip from someone—whether that person knows something or knows someone who knows something.
  • One additional billboard that is able to be placed due to the generosity of one (or many) donors. 
  • One person to share information related to Jody's case on social media.
  • One person to write a letter or sign a petition.

It is our duty—collectively and individually—to seek justice and to be a voice for those who do not have one.

Jody's twin, Jenny, pushes onward for justice by continuing to be a powerful voice for her sister.

Let's join our voices and efforts to hers.

The dead cannot cry out for justice...

It is the duty of the living to do so for them.


Lois McMaster Bujold

Ways to get involved...

The primary ways to support Jenny and her family in their fight for justice are to :

  • Share about the case in any way you can on social media using #justice4jody.
  • Share the details of the case and this website with your network of friends and colleagues.
  • Consider donating whatever you are able via this link so that the family can continue to place billboards in the surrounding area  where Jody was murdered.
  • Submit a tip using the direct tip line: 410-200-6284.

Please check back often as we update ways to support this case and get involved.

We will be organizing, very soon, letter-writing campaigns and petitions.


Submit a Tip

Someone, somewhere knows something.

There is no tip or piece of information too insignificant. Perhaps the seemingly small piece of information you have will help make a long-awaited break in this case. Perhaps it will be the piece that solves the puzzle. 

Please consider submitting a tip. You may do so anonymosly. 

There is a reward of $100,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.

The tip line is:  (410) 200-6284

Make a Donation

Please consider making a donation, of any size, to support this worthy cause for justice.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and put to immediate use to continue to place additional billboards in the surrounding area where Jody was murdered.

The LeCournu family would be so grateful for the continued generosity of others.

Please click here to make a donation.